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Dynatrace is the market-leading web and mobile performance solution.

Driven by end-user experience and used by the largest and most successful global online retailers, Dynatrace monitors and evaluates application performance across the entire e-commerce delivery chain — from mobile shoppers on a smartphone or tablet, through the cloud, and deep into the data centre— tracing every transaction from user-click to code-line, within seconds.

By providing deep insights into maximising performance and availability of e-commerce applications, Dynatrace empowers online retailers to create fast, successful and reliable online shopping experiences.

No other company can match the Dynatrace experience and depth of knowledge: more than 800 of the field’s top engineers and application performance experts contribute to Dynatrace industry leading products.

Dynatrace optimises every digital moment by enabling clients to:

·       Proactively spot and solve application performance issues before users are impacted.

·       Speed new applications and enhancements to market with DevOps functionality.

·       Pinpoint root causes and optimise critical applications.

5,700 customers worldwide, from small startups to the largest enterprises, choose Dynatrace.

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