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eBay is Australia’s largest online shopping destination with more than 8 million unique visitors each month. Our entire business model is built on partnering with retailers to help them reach this vast audience as part of their multi-channel sales strategy.

eBay’s entire business model is about helping Australian businesses succeed, enabling commerce wherever that may be – online, via mobile, in-store due to enhanced delivery and pick up options or through social channels.  As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, eBay works in partnership with retailers to help them stay relevant to their customers in the new retail environment.

According to Roy Morgan research, more than 8 million unique visitors move through in an average one month period. Reaching this vast audience has become an important part of many Australian retailers’ multichannel sales strategy. In fact 29 of this year’s Power Retail Top 50 now have a presence on eBay, including Officeworks, Target, The Good Guys and Dick Smith.

The world of commerce is evolving and eBay is evolving with it. eBay is no longer the second hand auction site for used stuff.  Today we’re a global online marketplace that offers a cleaner, more contemporary experience that makes buying and selling easier. eBay is Australia’s largest online shopping destination with 85% of the  42 million live listings on the site being for brand new products, and 80% of those listings for sale at a fixed price.

The future of eBay is overwhelmingly mobile, but it is also data driven which will create a much more personalised experience for shoppers and boost the competitiveness of sellers of all sizes utilising the platform.