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Selling on online marketplaces

The Changing Consumer: Why You Need a Marketplace Strategy

Recent changes in the e-commerce landscape have brought marketplaces sharply into focus for both brands and retailers. But what about the people who inhabit that landscape: the consumer? Simon Clarkson looks at changing consumer behaviours and the importance of online marketplaces.

online shopping habits

Claiming Your Marketplace Stake

How are retail marketplaces benefiting sellers? Simon Kelly, strategic partnerships manager at ChannelAdvisor, looks at how retailers can create a long-term strategy that will help drive success in a marketplace environment.

social media

3 Experts Talk Social Media and E-Commerce Growth

Retail no longer follows a traditional shopping model; it has become a truly omnichannel experience. Power Retail talks to three experts about how to leave a mark on consumers in an increasingly social media-oriented world.

Top Trends for Experiential Commerce in 2018 and Beyond

Creating an authentic and exciting brand experience for your consumer is vital in order to leverage engagement and loyalty. But in a landscape where technology is developing at a rapid speed, how much emphasis should retailers be putting on things like AI and VR?

The Cost of the Serial Returner

The Cost of the Serial Returner

What can retailers do to combat the rising number of returns within the fashion apparel industry? Kimberley Carr, CPO of Rakuten Fits Me, shares the strategies retailers can implement to address this.