Brauz Partners with Frontline Stores

By Power Retail | 14 Dec 2017

More than 500 Australian brands are now discoverable on Brauz, as the budding startup announces its new deal with retail group FrontLine Stores.

Consumers can now purchase products from popular FrontLine Stores member brands through their personalised Brauz app. Brauz then uses innovative technologies including beacons and artificial intelligence to send shoppers an alert when they near a store that sells a product they’ve ‘liked’ on their Brauz app.

The app then shares important information with staff in-store, enabling them to more efficiently help their new customers find the objects of their desire. Stores currently benefitting from this platform are Powerpod, Pookiepoiga, New Model Beauty Queen and Siyona

One of the benefits of this, according to Brauz and a major attraction for FrontLine Stores, is that it provides independent retailers that don’t have an established online store to have an online presence without and attract customers in-store.

Brauz Founder, Lee Hardham says he is thrilled about the partnership and sees it as a win for Australian retailers.

James Lewis, Digital Manager at FrontLine Stores feels that this partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. “One of our core narratives is around educating our brick-and-mortar retailers on how to provide customer-centric approaches through adopting unified commerce into their business model,” says Lewis.

“With the pending launch of our brain child, ‘Flocommerce’, our retailers will be able to provide appropriate services across physical locations and digital channels. Brauz will play a vital role in this process to ensure our retailers are maximising their opportunity in an already volatile retail marketplace. A partnership like this, provides tremendous value to our retailers and their respective customers,” adds Lewis.

Brands and stockists can now sign up for a free three-month-trial, which entitles them to set-up of one beacon, access to the Brauz marketplace and in-store personalisation for one user.

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