Webinar: Making Sense of The Mobility Crisis in Australian Retail

View Power Retail’s recent webinar, which discusses the current state of Australian retail’s efforts to integrate mobile technology, as well as how retailers can get ahead of the curve.

In recent months, research from Frost & Sullivan has shown exactly how great the mobile commerce opportunity is for retailers of all kinds and sizes, as well as how far behind many Australian retailers have fallen in implementing the required technologies.

Mark Dougan, Managing Director, ANZ for Frost & Sullivan walked us through his company’s findings on the issue, before being joined by Sanjay Nathoo, Senior Solution Consultant for NetSuite, who discussed exactly how retailers should seek to implement the right technology and processes to take advantage of mobile.

In this way, the presentation marries both theory and practice when it comes to meeting consumer demands for a mobile experience in-store.

Showrooming isn’t the enemy it has been made out to be. In fact, it’s an opportunity for any that are willing to grasp it.

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